The Priory, Church of England Primary School


The Priory is keen to promote a creative and exciting curriculum for our children. We have planned our curriculum based on a themed approach. The themes relate to the History, Geography and occasionally Science topics for the term, following the guidance of the National Curriculum. Each theme has an exciting title, to hook the children in and engage them from the start.  We also use key core texts to support and extend our pupils' learning within a theme for the term. We believe that a creative cross-curricular approach to teaching is key to enthuse our pupils about their learning, whilst also creating more opportunities for expanding on topics and a greater depth of understanding overall. Our goal is for all pupils to achieve their potential or beyond, and to gain a life-long love of learning. 

Please see below for the whole school overview of our themed curriculum. This details the headings for each theme within each half term. A further breakdown of each year group can be found by clicking the links in the sub-menu 'Curriculum Maps' (in the purple bar on the left).