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Inclusion at The Priory

At The Priory, we hold aspirational aims for our pupils. We are committed to meeting the needs of all individuals to ensure that they reach their full potential.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on the inclusive nature of our curriculum; we aim to cater for each individual, taking particular account of any specific needs or abilities.


What are special educational needs?

If your child has more challenges than most children their age with aspects of their learning, communication or behaviour, they are likely to benefit from additional support in school which will enable them to access the curriculum at their level.


Within school, this means that they may be identified on the school's special educational needs register so that provision to meet their needs can be planned for.  As children progress, they may be taken off of the register at a future point, when their needs no longer require significant, additional support.


Following the graduated approach to SEND, if the planned provision has not had a significant impact on the pupil’s progress, specialist support and advice may be sought.

Our Inclusion Lead works with Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language therapists, CAMHS, Education Wellbeing Practitioners and Merton's Learning, Behaviour and Language Service to ensure pupils' needs are robustly catered for, and that teaching staff are confident in the delivery of provision and intervention.


In circumstances where a pupil does not make expected progress over time, despite appropriately pitched differentiation and intervention, our school’s Inclusion Lead will meet with parents to discuss whether requesting an assessment for an Education and Health Care Plan is appropriate.


For further information, please see chapter 6 of the SEND Code of Practice Handbook, 2015: 



For an up to date picture of the comprehensive Intervention Overview we offer at The Priory, please click here: Intervention_overview__22.pdf


For our school's SEND Information Report and SEN Policy, please see the Policies section of our website, or these documents can also be found here: 




If you have any concerns about your pupils learning, Mrs Alex Williams, our Inclusion Lead and co-ordinator of SEN (SENCo), is contactable via the School Office.